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a little bit about me...

I am a UESCA- and RRCA-certified running coach, as well as an accomplished runner across a variety of distances and terrains. I'm also a fitness journalist, and regularly work with academics, medical experts, pro athletes, run coaches, and other sources to dig into the latest science, trends, and more in the running world. Above all, I think running is something that should be FUN—even when you're working hard to go after your goals!

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Coaching plans are $175/month.

That includes:

  • An in-depth kickoff call to get to know you, your running history, and your goals.

  • 100% customized weekly plans including distance goals and projected paces based on your previous run history.

  • Access to Training Peaks.

  • Ongoing text/email communication, plus 1 monthly phone or video check-in to discuss progress and make adjustments to your plan.


Ready to start training?
Let's talk!

(or email me directly at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Marissa M., NY

"Working with Ashley has been an absolute game-changer. Her expertise, dedication, and unwavering support have propelled my progress beyond what I could have imagined in just one year. With her guidance, I've seen remarkable improvements in my endurance, technique, and overall performance. Ashley's coaching style isn't just about running; it's about understanding my goals and pushing me to surpass them while maintaining a balance that prevents burnout. Her encouragement has transformed my mindset, making each milestone an exhilarating achievement. Under Ashley's tutelage, I've not only become a better runner but also discovered newfound confidence in myself. She's not just a coach; she's a motivator, a mentor, and a catalyst for my growth as an athlete. I'm incredibly grateful for her expertise and unwavering support on this journey."

Tyler H., CA

"Ashley's coaching approach was amazing, I’m so lucky to have worked with her! Her blend of physical training and mental support was just what I needed to successfully complete the 2023 Chicago marathon. She was super responsive to all of my questions, providing helpful guidance and a customized training plan. She was also incredibly supportive and adaptable to my ever-changing needs. As a working mom of two toddlers, I so valued this since it allowed me to maintain a healthy balance between my training and personal life. Her enthusiasm for my success was palpable, and it motivated me to give my all. After crossing the finish line, she was the first to congratulate me, and her encouragement has inspired me to consider running another marathon in the future. When I do, I will be working with her again!!"

Elliott P., CO

"I started working with Ashley in September of 2023 and after a few conversations knew that she was the right coach for me. Ashley’s understanding of race dynamics and training protocol, as well as her ability to develop plans that are flexible and manageable, is top-notch. Throughout my training, Ashley was receptive and responsive when I needed to pivot and make adjustments, which in turn created a sense of trust and improvement for me. Under Ashley‘s coaching, I was able to move the needle on my marathon time into the BQ space and finished my race feeling strong and confident. I would recommend Ashley to anyone who wants to feel proud of the way they run!"

Drew W., GA

"When I started training to run marathons, my overachiever impulses took over during training and I pushed too hard, often burning out before race day. With Ashley, I had my best training cycle: I hit my highest mileage ever while avoiding injury or excess fatigue. She had me ready—physically and mentally—for everything that would come my way, and I set a 10K PR during my training cycle and PRed the marathon. Ashley knows what's best to unlock my potential and I'm confident improved fitness and more PRs are coming with her by my side."

Mackenzie P., CO

"Working with Ashley made such a difference for me. She is such a great resource and I know I wouldn’t have been in nearly the same shape if left to my own devices. I’m excited to jump back into running and that isn’t the case after a lot of races!"

Alessia V., NY

"Ashley was a phenomenal coach - experienced, knowledgeable, and flexible in designing a weekly training plan that suited my unique preferences. She shared helpful recommendations for fueling, gear, and recovery and made herself available on short notice to talk through any concerns in the lead-up to the NYC Marathon. I finished this training cycle feeling strong and energized to keep building my fitness with Ashley by my side!"
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